Electric devices

The environment preservation becomes one of the main problems of our Times. More and more rigours regulations, determining the permissible pollutant concentrations, are implemented and executed. It relates especially to the harmful industrial gas emissions to the atmosphere. One of the most often applied methods of the gas purification is electrostatic dedusting. Thanks to a large efficiency and a high performance the electrostatic precipitators (ESP)  have found their application in several industrial branches.


BELOS-PLP has specialized at manufacturing of the devices supplying ESP for few dozen years. Apart from main power supply unit, including a control cabinet and a high voltage rectifier unit, we offer the auxiliary equipment for the electrical wiring of an electrostatic precipitators.

They are as follows:

  • power supply cabinets,
  • rapper motor control cabinets,
  • auxiliary cabinets,
  • damping resistors,
  • high voltage change-over switches,
  • supporting insulators,
  • earthing switches and earthing for rectifier units,
  • local control, protection and signalization boxes


The many years experience in the domain of design of the power supply units for electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and using contemporary solutions causes that the devices manufactured by BELOS-PLP S.A have several useful qualities.
The most important qualities are as follows:

  • high reliability,
  • life of almost dozen years,
  • contemporary design with utilization of the numerical technology in automatic control systems,
  • possibility of the priority control with the computer co-operation or with a controller made by an optional firm,
  • easy operating.

BELOS-PLP S.A. is also a distributor of Toshiba transformers and the only authorized service and distributor in Poland of products of the American company NWL.indeks